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Discover a truer, deeper connection with your significant other through couples coaching with Dr. Alicia

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Relationships aren’t easy—but it isn’t entirely impossible to have a fulfilling partnership with your chosen mate, regardless of how it may feel right now. 

As a Relationship Coach and licensed therapist for the past 18 years, I’ve helped hundreds of couples turn their disconnected lives into happy, healthy relationships that continue to flourish over time. 

Where you are in your relationship right now doesn’t matter as much as where you want to be. Whether you’re considering getting married, or have been married and hit a snag during your years-long union, I can help you create the mutual respect needed to move your relationship forward!

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Meet Dr. Alicia

As a full-time professor of social work, Dr. Alicia is thrilled to be in the position to train the next generation of therapists on techniques essential to becoming effective professional clinical social workers. Specifically, she teaches courses on cultural competency, advanced level research, field education seminars, and micro and macro practice. She obtained her master’s degree in social work from the University of Chicago and her doctorate degree in social work at Florida State University.

By making the choice to have Dr. Alicia help you with your relationship and family life, you’re choosing a guide who has your best interest at heart, with a passion for her work that genuinely wants your relationship to succeed.

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